Sunday, December 22, 2013

T-12 Days/New Blog

Dear Friends,
I have never written a blog, but many people have requested documentation of my travels to India.  So here you go!

My flight departs January 3rd from Atlanta, GA.  I have an 11-hour layover in London where I plan on having some mini adventures drinking a pint or 2, eating fish and chips, seeing the Tower of London, riding the London Eye, and going out and about on one of those red double-decker buses. If I don't freeze...because its January in London....
I then fly from London to Delhi, India.  I will be staying with a host family, most likely in the town of Faridabad (in the National Capital Region, close to Delhi).  The house is said to have electricity and running water.  I will be able to get wifi at internet cafes in the city, but I am not sure how often per week I will have that chance once work starts.  I have not received my exact placement yet, but IVHQ partners with multiple hospitals in the NCR and does a few mobile clinics.  I will be able to work within the scope of my certification, and the people who stay longer get to do even more things (which is good for me, since I am staying 5 months). I return to the US June 2nd.
I am still packing and making preparations.  Thankfully, my passport was returned from the Indian Embassy with my visa, so I am good to go in that area.  I need to get together a digestive first aid kit (not looking forward to "Delhi belly" with the way my GI tract behaves), and purchase some more scrubs.

For those interested, here is a link to IVHQ and what I will be doing in the Health Program.  You can navigate the rest of the site as well to see the other programs offered and other countries they have programs in :)

Much love,