Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 16: Successful Health Seminars!

I was quite pleased with how my project turned out this week! Success! On Tuesday, Caleb and Susan went with me to Tagore Public School and we taught the 3rd and 4th grade combined class.  This was my favorite class from my week of teaching in the past, and I knew they would be good.  It started off a little rougher than desired because of the language barrier, but we ended up getting 2 translators so things went smoothly after that.  I had 3 worksheets for them: one with important aspects of the presentation for them to fill out as the lesson progressed, a matching worksheet  of different scenarios and what they should do in that scenario, then one on vitamins and fruits.  The matching sheet was only pictures so I brought markers and let everyone color it in after they completed it correctly. The kids participated in answering questions, loved the coloring, and seemed very engaged.  I altered the lesson slightly depending on the class: on Wednesday I had 2nd graders, so I gave them the same info on germs but skipped the first worksheet and just did the coloring and the vitamins/fruit worksheet.  On Thursday I had 5th and 6th graders, so we did all of the worksheets and it was at the perfect level for them.  On Friday, I had little first graders so we only did the coloring worksheet.  For the first grade class, I actually walked them downstairs and we all washed our hands together at the faucet next to the toilets because I wanted to make sure they learned and remembered. 

                While the kids were eating lunch on Wednesday, Caleb and I watched to see if they were actually washing their hands.  Pretty much all of them went to the faucet after coming out of the bathroom, but hardly any of them actually used soap! Even the older kids were not using it!  We discussed how we could buy  some soap and donate it, and also wondered  if we could laminate my handwashing chart to post up on the wall next to the faucet.  Then one of us (I forget who) suggested we paint a reminder up on the wall! We asked the prinicpal and his daughter if that would be okay, and they said yes.  The daughter was a bit hesistant and kept asking me if I was sure I would be able to paint it up there.    We talked to Dr. Prabhat, who agreed to get us paint and write out for us in Hindi what we wanted up on the wall.  Hopefully next week we can accomplish that in addition to teaching at a different school J

One month until I am home

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