Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 6: Food, Glorious Food

     Last blog entry left off right before the weekend after my first 2 days at the small clinic.  That weekend, Morgan, Sam, and I went to the SurajKund International Crafts Mela in a nerby city called Gurgaon.  It was enormous, and packed with people! The crafts mela consists of booths of merchants from places all over India who come together to put on a 15-day fair and sell their items. There was furniture, tapestries, wooden figurines, pottery, jewelry, purses, name it. I did not buy anythign since it was expensive for India prices, but it was still really cool to walk around and see.

      I was at the same small clinic every day this past week!    At the clinic I just give injections, take blood pressure, listen to lungs, and do a lot of sitting. But I don’t  mind the waiting or the monotony because I have the chance to do something hands-on and can watch and learn as well.   .
    Sector 49 and the rest of Faridabad are becoming quite familiar, and familarity is comforting.  Just in the area surrounding the clinic, people are starting to know me a bit and wave when I arrive. The man who owns the sweet shop across the street will let me try something he made that day, and the doctor always has a smile when I arrive.  Getting around town is becoming easier too: I know when I am being overcharged by a tuk-tuk driver so I can say no and move to the next one, and I know how to get to a few places the cheapest way by taking the public tuk-tuks to major stops. I feel more like a local than a stranger, although the stares and the language barrier like to keep reminding me otherwise.
     This weekend was also one of the most fun I’ve had while still remaining in Faridabad.  Friday was Valentine’s Day, which was a bit rough at first considering my current romantic life, but ended up being a ton of fun.  I went to a place in Sector 15 called Parmesan Cafe with Morgan, Sam, and Jess.  And oh did we feast! Morgan and I started off by splitting cheesy garlic bread, then we also split a double cheese pizza. 3 of us ordered belgian chocolate milkshakes, and it was one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had. Then we all got dessert: I ordered a rather disappointing cheesecake and the other 3 each got a dessert waffle with ice cream on top.  Saturday was pretty uneventful other than finally watching Frozen. We had to watch it in 3 parts though since the movie would only buffer to a certain point then we would have to wait for more to load before continuing to watch it.  Sunday was another glorious food day since we got up and made a Western breakfast for the family! We had pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns, and they were so good! The little twins didnt like the pancakes (blasphemy, right?) but they loved the hashbrowns and our host parents enjoyed it all as well.   After breakfast we watched the Princess and the Frog since we were on a Disney kick, which was also quite a cute movie. 

     And to top things off, the fun carried into today (Monday) because I GOT A CARE PACKAGE! Mandi is the best! She sent me a box loaded with Cheez Its, Fudge Stripe Cookies, Chips Deluxe cookies, Cheetos, Skittles, Propel packets, dry shampoo, tampons, Love Actually DVD, and a pink hedgehog mug, all sitting in adorable heart confetti with little notes on everything :D  It made my day and probably my week.    

The rest of the week is looking to be good, and we will see where my adventures take me next.

Much love,


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