Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 7: In Sickness and in Health

     Week 7 began in my beloved slum clinic, where there was a lot of the same and I saw another ear repair. But come Wednesday I was at a different event: the blood drive. On Wednesday, Samantha was sick so Jess and I were dropped off at a bank in Faridabad to watch and learn. We started out at the front table where 2 assistants were blood typing, checking hemoglobin, checking weight, and taking blood pressure. We were able to do a few blood pressures and some blood typing as well. For those of you unfamiliar with the process of finding one's blood type: we first pricked the person's finger then got 3 drops of blood onto a clear glass plate. We dropped anti-A on the first drop, anti-B on the second, then anti-D on the third. The first 2 drops denote the blood type based on if parts of the drop congeal together, and the third denotes Rh factor (+ or -) based on the same visual. We checked hemoglobin the old-fashioned way: dropping blood into a beaker of copper sulfate solution to see if it sank or float. Blood pressure was taken old-fashioned too, with an ancient tool using millimeters of mercury. After being at the table a little while, we were offered to come back into a room where they were actually giving the blood. The needles used here are HUGE! Even if my iron was high enough and I wouldn't pass out, I would be absolutely terrified to have that in my arm. On the plus side, the bags fill faster, so more people can cycle through. Thursday, the 3 of us were driven by Dr. Prabhat to a college campus in a neighboring town where the blood drive was taking place and where he was the medical overseer for the day.  We were able to watch a few more sticks, then he let me try one! Unfortunately I did not get blood at first, but the phlebotomist came in and adjusted the needle, and the man was fine. No harm done, but it was still embarrassing and they did not let me try again.  On Friday, Jess and Samantha went to Rishikesh, so it was just me and I went back to the clinic. I guess they were too afraid I would try and stick someone's arm again :P  At least at the clinic I get redemption, because I do all the intravenous injections and those go just fine.

     Saturday held all the promises of gorging myself on delicious food at Cafe Parmesan....until I woke up horribly nauseous. I didnt want breakfast, and the nausea had subsided enough to still make it to lunch with Sam and Morgan. I managed to slowly consume a small slice of veggie pizza, then promptly made my way to the bathroom where I threw it back up.  I thought I would be fine then, so we all went to the grocery store to get a few things. I was waiting in line when suddenly I had to drop my bananas and toothpaste and run outside to throw up again in a sewage ditch. We made it home, where I hoped a nap would have me feeling better. I knew eating a full dinner was too optimistic so I opted for just a chapati (a wheat flour tortilla we eat with most meals). Halfway through that, I just couldnt eat anymore. Then after a few steps into the bedroom, I had to quicken my pace and run to the bathroom where I then threw that up too!
     Sunday, I was fine. I have absolutely no idea what caused my stomach to reject all food for a day, but at least it is gone and I am back to normal.

     Hoping for a full healthy week!

Much love,

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