Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 3: Bollywood and Henna

I was actually able to sleep straight through until 4am!  Improvement! No acid reflux either.
     Today began with Hindi lessons for a few hours.  We learned more adjectives, nouns, pronouns, and began piecing together basic sentences.  I still don't have enough memorized to use it while out, but I feel it will be useful.  I never had a desire to learn Hindi, but it has been fun so far and hopefully I will get better with it in the next 5 months.
     After lessons, we all went and saw a Bollywood film: Dhoom 3.  It was interesting lol I was so lost at the beginning at the first story change because it was so opposite and seemed like a ridiculous preview for another movie. But after they went back to the original character's story, I was good.  It got better as it went on, but started with some crazy and silly stuff.  The movie theater food was way more affordable than in the states, and they had similar items: caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn, salted popcorn, nachos, burgers, veggie burgers, soda, and candy.  Ariel and I split a cheese popcorn.
     We hurried to the market after the movie so we could get fruit juice and water from the grocery store, and I was also able to get an adapter for my electronics. Also at the market, we discovered a Subway!! I was SO happy to get some vegetables! The food is good here, but its basically all carbohydrates and I needed something fresh and green.

     Back at the host house, the other girls who didnt go to the market were getting henna done.  I got it on my hand too, of course.  It looks really cool, and should get darker tomorrow.


Today was not as busy as yesterday, and tomorrow should be very busy with more sightseeing and going to another market.
     Crossing my fingers to sleep through tonight!

Much love,

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