Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 5, 6, 7 combined post. At my host family

These 3 days werent too busy or eventful, so rather than boring y'all I decided to combine them.
    On day 5, we had Hindi lessons then a free afternoon. All of us girls decided we would do an afternoon and evening out! We went to the Crown Plaza Mall, which is a nicer area than the other markets and has many restaurants.  We went to this restaurant called Masala Lounge that also had a bar. We came a bit early to get started in on a few drinks.  We had to look at all of the beer and read the labels before determining that Kingfisher was indeed an Indian beer (the waiter told us all the beer was Indian when clearly it was not).  Kingfisher is actually made in the Haryana region, which is where Faridabad is! It wasn't too bad, but not one I would order regularly in the States. For my meal I got paneer tikka masala with a side of naan. Paneer is soft cheese cubes, and the tikka masala was very spicy. Naan is a kind of flatbread. 
     Day 6 was pretty slow for me since the rest of the girls went to the Taj Mahal.  I opted out of that since it was an additional $100 and I can go for much less at a later date.  But since they were all gone, there wasnt much for me to do.  I ended up playing games with our host's 6-year-old daughter for a little while, then the host Sarita and I went to her mother's shop for facials and manicures :) It was my first salon facial and it was quite nice.  Afterwards we came back home and I watched TV with the same young girl and her brother, then we all had dinner.  Eventually the other girls got back and we could talk and get ready for bed.
     Day 7 was our last Hindi lesson, then it was off to our placements!  I am staying at the house of Dr. Probhat with his wife, twin boys, and 7 other Health volunteers. The house is in the Sainik colony in Sector 49 of Faridabad.   After getting settled into my room with Mae (another volunteer who did orientation with me), we all piled on our bed and played Cards Against Humanity for about an hour.  Then we took a tuk-tuk to Crown Plaza mall to eat at another restaurant.  I had the same Kingfisher beer because it was half off, but this time for the meal I ordered mutter paneer.  It was a lot less spicy than the tikka, and had more flavor.  I loved it. Paneer is pretty fantastic.
     Dr. Probhat just came in and explained to us how the camp will work next week. Since there are enough volunteers, we will be running a clinic in the slums to provide free healthcare.  There will be 4 stations with 2 of us at each station checking blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, oxygen, examination of the upper body and lower body, taking down past history, then makign a probable diagnosis.  Dr. Probhat will see the patient last and correct/add anything we didnt do before making the final diagnosis and prescribing what they need.  I am both nervous and excited.  I'll write more tomorrow about how it goes.

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