Saturday, January 4, 2014

London Layover

Hello friends!
I am sitting at the London Heathrow Airport after quite an eventful day.
The flight from Atlanta to London was super long, but they fed us a few times and I was able to watch Man of Steel, a few episodes of Big Bang Theory, and nap to pass the time.
It was raining when we landed, but that did not deter me at all! My first action was to get a day pass for the subway (the Underground, or also the Tube),  and my first stop was the one near Buckingham Palace. I made my way down the road and took some pics there before hopping back on the subway and heading to Kings Cross Station. Obviously, I didn't have a ticket to catch a train at Kings Cross; the Harry Potter nerd in me just wanted to see it and take pics at platform 9 3/4! I hopped back on the subway and made my next stop at Picadilly Street. I didn't do much there other than look around as I walked, but my walking led me to Trafalgar Square. There is a really neat fountain, giant lion statues, and a big blue rooster statue whose purpose I am unsure of. I wandered on from Trafalgar Square and spotted Big Ben and the spires of Westminster, but by then it was dark, I was a bit tired, and I would have an even longer trek back to the metro. So I stopped at a pub to eat fish and chips and drink a pint. It started raining a bit again as I walked to the subway to travel back to the airport.
And now here I am, sitting here at the airport, with a few hours until my flight leaves for Delhi!
 This next flight should be just as long, but I am prepared with The Hobbit, The Host, and my game boy color with various Pokemon games! I'm actually looking forward to getting a bit of reading done.
Hope you are all well back in the states!

Much love,

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