Sunday, January 5, 2014

Namaste from Faridabad

I have arrived safe and sound!
     My flight landed around 10:30am.  I was greeted at the gate by an IVHQ staff member then had to wait about an hour for 2 more girls to show up.  5 of us arrived around the same time so were transported together back to the hostel.  I am staying in the town of Faridabad, which is in the National Capital Region.  The NCR includes Delhi, New Delhi, Faridabad, and other small towns to make one giant area.  It was a bit of a drive to get out here, which makes me wonder how easy it will be to get to New Delhi for weekend sightseeing.  The air is very dusty, and there's some pollution in it as well.  Driving to Faridabad reminded me a lot of the slums of Peru and Haiti with the small markets, crumbling structures, shacks, and trash lining the streets.
     Oh, and cows really do just chill on the side of the road! Dogs run around everywhere, and a donkey followed us down the street for a while! We even saw a camel being led by a man, but I dont think that is a common sight...
     After being fed a late lunch by our hostel hosts, we walked down to the small local market.  There seems to be a small shop for most basic needs:  drug store, various food places, pharmacy, fruit stand, etc.  Everyone stared at us.  Some smiled, some said hi, and some just stared.  No awkward male advances yet.
     Orientation week starts tomorrow with Hindi language classes.  I should have free wifi for the duration of this week, but after that it will not be as regular (unless my host family has it, but I am pretty sure they wont).

     Much love,

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